Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Autumn is here!

Even though Autumn officially begun last week, we had such a warm and sunny weather in Vancouver that we kept on wearing our summer clothes and sunglasses...... until today!
Yes, today was rainy, grey and chilly - we even had to turn the heat on!

So I am working on some new Fall designs using wood, copper, leather and Japanese silk to give darker and warmer tones to my creations.

Here is the Fall version of "Le jardin du peintre" pendant necklace - now featuring a copper swallow and a trio of cream, topaz and brown Czech glass flowers framed by a tiger ebony wood rectangle.

The maching earrings called "Vol d'automne" - copper swallows, tiger ebony wood squares, copper earwires

"Goutte de soie" necklace - Brazilian agate faceted briolette, Swarovski crystal, Japanese silk ribbon knotted on the side.... I am mesmerized by the beauty of this gemstone and I love the smoothness and rough texture of this Japanese silk ribbon :)

Enjoy the new season!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Midsummer Dream

It's been months now that I have been looking for a color to repaint my bedroom walls - the color we had was called "nude" so it was light, peachy, very dull... I had visions of dark purples or sexy plums but wasn't too sure it wouldn't be too dark... So I kept on searching...

...until a few weeks ago, when I went to see my friend Grace from Eikcam who was attending the Portobello West fashion and art Market (held in Vancouver on the last Sunday of every month) and spotted on her display table THE color I wanted in a beautiful little purple-glazed Korean Dasik salt and pepper dish with a tiny flower motif! It was love at first sight and I took my little dish to the paint store to find a color that would go well with it : )

After deliberating with my husband (he was the one who was going to paint...), we decided to go for "A Midsummer Dream".... and it looks WOW on our bedroom walls!!!!

You can visit Eikcam at :

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Behind the scene

The problem when you have a shop on Etsy is that you have to be good at multitasking (is that a word???). First, there is your handmade product of course but then, you have to take beautiful pictures that can attract potential buyers and, considering that there are thousands of sellers who make jewelry on Etsy, it is not an easy thing to be noticed...

What I find difficult when I photograph my jewelry is that I want to show the details and textures of the materials I used, try to capture the actual colors and also give an idea of the product when it is worn... I usually ask my friend Anne to model for me (she has a beautiful long neck that is perfect for modelling necklaces!) but lately, it has been impossible for us to organize a photo session so I have been compelled to model my necklaces myself... which is not an easy task when you are also the photographer!!!

So, the other day, I asked my 8-year-old son to help me.... and I absolutely love this picture he took of me - even though this is not the one I eventually used in my listing. I love it because I like the colors of the picture but also, the angle is sooo cute : you can definitely see that he is smaller than me : )

Première (Opening night) necklace - carved white cinnabar flower, onyx, coral, Japanese tensha beads

This necklace is part of my "Opera collection" because it measures 26.5 inches and this length for a necklace is called "opera". I like the fact that this necklace can easily and elegantly transform from day to evening wear...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

September rain...

Rain, rain, rain... and more rain...

This weekend is Labor Day weekend in Canada, we have Monday off and on Tuesday, the kids go back to school... but it's been raining all weekend long : (
So, while the boys are playing video games, I'm cleaning the house and taking pictures of my jewelry...

Here are two bracelets that have fresh autumnal colors :

"Rendez-vous à Hyde Park" bracelet - 35mm tiger ebony wood squares, peridot Swarovski crystals, Liberty of London ribbon bow.

This bracelet can be worn with the bow on top of the wrist or the tiger ebony wood squares...

"Carnaval citron" bracelet - Italian resin beads on elastic string, trio of ribbons.
These sparkles and citrus colors can brighten up any rainy day!