Monday, November 7, 2011

Quick, it's almost over!

How gorgeous it is to walk back from school with my kids on a sunny day and look at these autumnal colors! Of course, they are more into playing in the dead leaves and picking up branches to make "swords" and "lightsabers" but well... that's another way to enjoy Fall ; )

Inspired by the beauty around me : "L comme Libellule" earrings featuring golden copper Swarovski crystal dragonfly wings and golden chains...With their iridescent finish and asymmetrical facets, these crystal wings reflect the light in a beautiful golden rainbow of sparkles. They are absolutely stunning in real life : )

And here is a little something I am completely smitten with : my "Cubes" pendant necklace... This necklace features a gorgeous 20mm Klimt style Venetian cube with an opaque red base and a layer of 24kt gold foil. Pressed onto the bead, a mosaic of millefiori glass creates texture and an abstract pattern. This technique makes every bead absolutely unique in color and shape! I.LOVE.IT.