Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm busy!

Two big shows in the same month is a lot of work! I didn't realize that when I said "yes!" to the Greek Festival that is taking place this Sunday (June 27th) in Vancouver, hardly 3 weeks after the two-day Fab Fair... I'm a bit freaked out because the organizers of the Festival are expecting 90,000 visitors during the day!!! Is it possible? That sounds like a lot... I will never have enough jewelry, I should make moooooore..... Au secours!!!

Greek Day, Sunday June 27th, West Broadway Street (@McDonald) in Vancouver, from 11.00am to 9.00pm.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


The Spring Fab Fair? It went well, very well, thank you! I had a good time, I met lots of nice people, saw some friends, couldn't resist to buy a few things (look at this beauties by Eikcam) and I had a very emotional moment the first time I used my new Visa card machine and saw the little "Olala design" receipt coming out : )

Now, I am preparing for another fair that will take place next Sunday (June 27th) in Vancouver. Here's the info if you live in the area. I am working on summery items using different shades of blue (turquoise, aquamarine, lapis), white (rock crystals, freshwater pearls, mother of pearl) and some fresh greens, pinks and purples like in these quartz nuggets bracelets :

"Weekend napolitain", a bracelet made of multicolor quartz nuggets, one golden Venetian bead, 2 lepidolite beads and light peach Swarovski crystals.

A very summery version of "Fleurs des bois".

One of my personal favorite color combination for "Frou-frou de fleurs".

Now, let's hope for summer to finally come, it's been so grey and chilly lately... Brrrr...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bientôt l'été!

I almost fell off my chair this morning when I saw the date on my computer : June 1st... June 1st?... It means that the Spring Fab Fair is at the end of this week, summer is just to follow (we NEED sunshine here... badly!) and school is going to be finished soon... so the kids are going to be on holidays... so it's going to be chaos here every day...

After a few minutes of total panic and a cup of strong tea, I decided that everything was fine and I "regrouped " (as hockey players say on TV... yes, I am becoming more and more Canadian!) while taking a few pictures of my newest creations, some long and funky necklaces called "Guirlandes estivales" (summer garlands).

I must say that I am really excited to present these necklaces at the Fair this weekend because I think that they absolutely ROCK! I love the cheerfulness of the bright jade flowers, the warmth of the wood beads, the elegance of the Swarovski crystals, the softness of the silk string around the neck and the whimsicality of the little charms : )

And if I don't sell them this weekend, it's ok, I'll wear them all at the same time this summer and I'll look super cool : )