Monday, March 22, 2010

Cherry Blossoms

There is nothing like a tree full of cherry blossoms to celebrate the arrival of Spring! Doesn't the world look more beautiful under a cherry tree in bloom? Suddenly, the sky becomes pink and life seems as light and sweet as cotton candy... well, at least, for a moment...

"Fleurs d'agate", a necklace with cream and beige felt flowers, peach freshwater pearls and orange bamboo leaf agate...

Some new "Frou-frou de fleurs" earrings with springy colors : )

Friday, March 12, 2010


"Special", sculpture by ArtMind.

Time flies, my friends... I realized the other day that I opened my little Etsy shop TWO years ago and I can say, without exaggeration, that it has changed my life!

First, because discovering Etsy was such an exhilarating experience : I remember like yesterday the pleasure of being able to see, admire and buy the work of so many crafters, artisans and artists from all around the world, and being inspired to express my own creativity. And second, of course, because having my own little corner on the Internet and putting my creations for sale gave me a new focus, a new artistic medium and also, a new identity...

Looking back at my very first listings, I thought that showing some of my first necklaces would be a nice way to celebrate this anniversary : )

"Chic coquelicot" necklace, purple felt poppy with a beaded centre, and light blue freshwater pearls.
"Bouquet de violettes" necklace, a bouquet of purple and red felt flowers, with freshwater pearls and frosted Czech glass.
"Bouquet d'amour", a Mini Olala necklace with pink and red flowers, bright lampwork glass beads and sparkly Czech glass.

And during the whole month of March, I am offering FREE SHIPPING worlwide in my shop.
Enjoy : )

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm back!

Wow, I'm exhausted!!! I haven't done anything for the last 2 weeks apart from watching TV, cheering for short-track speed skaters and hockey players, crying on my sofa watching the figure skating (Gosh, that Swiss guy skating on Jacques Brel's "Ne me quitte pas" almost made me sob!!!) and faithfully counting every day the number of medals Canada had won (yes, I also checked the results for the French team...).

I'm glad this is over so we can go back to our daily lives because I was getting headaches and watery eyes...

In the mist of the Olympic frenzy, I still managed to do a few things for Olala, the most important one being to figure out whether or not I should order another 200 Olala engraved charms... Yes, I had already run out of the first 200 charms I had ordered last year and it made me realize how many necklaces and bracelets I had actually made in 12 months! Did it make sense to order another 200???

Well, I guess it did because I did place the order and I am now committed to make another 200 necklaces and bracelets...

Here are my little silver and brass charms with a few handmade tags that I use to put earrings on or to write the composition of my necklaces and bracelets before shipping.

One of my latest creations : "Guirlande d'azur", a necklace composed of lovely honey jade flowers, topaz Swarovski crystals and dreamy larimar blue crazy lace agate.

This asymmetrical design is one of my favorites and I have already made a few versions of this necklace : with ebony wood, bayong wood or sponge coral...

The bracelet version of "Guirlande d'azur"...