Friday, June 19, 2009

Eclektica : art for everyone

I mentioned in a previous post that I met two special ladies at the Spring Fab Fair : one was Grace/Eikcam and the other one was... Kim.

Kim is the owner of Eclektica, an art gallery located in a small terracotta-faced heritage building on Seymour Street, in downtown Vancouver. In this unique and friendly store, you can find an eclectic collection of paintings, prints, ceramics and jewellery by local artists and designers.

And guess what?... Kim has asked me to carry some of my creations in her gallery : )

So, I am really proud to announce that Olala design is now sold at Eclektica!

Here's Kim wearing my Madama Butterfly necklace

Some of Olala creations sold at Eclektica

568 Seymour Street, Vancouver, B.C.
778 330 6610

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Front Page day!

Today, Olala design was on Etsy's Front Page twice!

First, it was my newest Treasury "Sweet Nothing" that made the FP and later, it was Rafya's "B.B.O" (blue brown and olive) that featured my "Ronde d'ebene" bracelet... Rafya is a jeweller from Israel and she is one of my favorite sellers : )

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meeting Grace

So, as I was saying earlier, I met two special ladies at the Spring Fab Fair last weekend and one of them was Grace, alias Eikcam...

First, I saw her display -empty because it was Saturday at 5.30pm and she had packed up her pieces and left- but I had to stop to get her card when I saw that she had moss on her table... well... fake moss! I've been looking for fake moss for a while because I thought it would look great with my "welcome to my garden" theme to display my jewelry.... I have to ask her where she found that...

On Sunday, one of my friends was helping me at the Fab Fair so I quickly ran to Eikcam's table and oooooh!, everything was soooo lovely!!!! You see, I've been into porcelain and ceramic jewelry lately and guess what, Grace makes very pretty ceramic jewelry and dishes!!! She had pendants, earrings, rings, barrettes, all representing leaves or flowers... it was heaven for me!

I couldn't resist : I bought a pair of earrings and these gorgeous ceramic buttons that I want to use in future Olala creations - of course, I asked for Grace's permission : )

We chatted a little and discovered that we were almost next door neighbors! Grace is a lovely person and since I met her, my head has been bubbling with new ideas so, I'll keep you posted but there will certainly be some ceramic pieces in my Fall 2009 collection.......................

Friday, June 12, 2009

So...? How was the Fab Fair?... How did it go?...

I received a few emails from my friends last Monday : "So...? How was the Fab Fair?... How did it go?..."


Quite frankly, it wasn't as good as in November : it was probably due to the hot weather we had had all week, and certainly because we are all being very careful with our money lately but there were not a lot of people, and not too many sales...

There were a few moments when it was actually quite boring so I was really happy to chit-chat with my fellow vendors like Josee Glass Art who is from Montreal but lives in Maple Ridge, B.C...

I also had the time to sew three brooches that I'm very happy with : )

They are composed of 3 layers of felt leaves which all have different shapes and colors, and gorgeous poppy buttons that come from France... Aren't they amazing?

Of course, I had a few friends who came to support me, help me, and feed me (!) and I love them all because they are so nice and supportive (thanks guys!).
I had also two encounters which definitely made this weekend very special but wait, these two ladies deserve a full post each...