Sunday, August 2, 2009

Absolutely Fabulous!

I could not go to France and not go hunting for ideas and supplies... Impossible when you have designer clothes and jewelry in every shop and magazine, and delicious little boutiques just dedicated to crafts!

One of my favorite shops for supplies (buttons, beads, ribbons...) and ideas is a cute shop in the city where my mum lives, Clermont-Ferrand. The shop used to be called "La Droguerie" but it changed its name to "Aniline" a few years ago. The ladies who work there are very nice and helpful, and the shelves of the shop are covered with jars full of the most gorgeous and original beads you can dream of.... My kind of heaven!

Even though I was tempted to buy the whole shop, I had to restrain myself a little and mostly focused on beads... but oh my, I am soooo fond of these beads : they are Italian resin beads, they come in the most amazing colors, some have sparkles, others have a magical glow (I swear, they glow even more when they are worn!) and they are just a concentrate of sheer Happiness!!!

"Carnaval bleu" listed in my Etsy shop - one of a kind

I have made a few bracelets mixing these beads with some other funky beads I had, I added a few ribbons and women around me have been unanimous : FA-BU-LOUS!!!! That's what I thought too : )

A beautiful mix of colors for my coming Fall 2009 collection...

If you ever go to Clermont-Ferrand, you can visit Aniline :
15 rue Terrasse
63000 Clermont-Ferrand (France)

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