Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Olala Tea and Jewelry Party

Last Sunday, I hosted a Tea and Jewelry Party at my house in order to celebrate Spring and Mother's Day.

Quite a few ladies came - some came alone, some brought a friend, others came with their daughters and even their mom! They all seemed to have a blast trying on jewelry, giving their opinion to each other and, of course, having tea and chocolate brownies!

It's always a real pleasure for me to see a creation of mine worn by a woman : she gives warmth and personality to it and the piece of jewelry enhances her femininity and her personality. It's a perfect combination, a real union! For me, seeing these ladies leaving my house wearing their new necklaces with pride was the most sincere compliment they could pay me and my work...

They also left with a small bouquet of lily of the valley as it is a tradition in France to offer lily of the valley to one's friends on May 1st for good luck : )

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