Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mini Olala for girls

Along with my *olala* design jewelry shop, I make jewelry for little girls - mostly necklaces and bracelets, but also some hair pins and a few brooches. As usual, my creations feature felt flowers and butterflies with fun colors or very girly pinks...

I have called this juvenile section of my shop, "Mini Olala for girls". While preparing for the Spring Fab Fair (it's next weekend... already!!!), I've decided that I needed some sort of logo for Mini Olala so I contacted Craftpudding on Etsy to ask if she could make a custom rubber stamp with a picture of a little girl and the name of my brand.... Well, look at what she came up with : isn't it sweet??? I absolutely LOVE my stamp! I can't wait to receive it to start stamping tags and labels : )

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