Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic fever!

Ok, I'm one year older and I'm fine with it! I had a nice birthday week and some lovely girlfriends who spoiled me (yes, the spoiling part is always coming from my friends, not my sons and my husband...) and I really enjoyed the fact that I am on holidays : )

Unfortunately, all my fabulous plans of making some new jewelry, repainting my bathroom and purging the main floor closet that scares me each time I open it (!) kind of fell apart as we all caught the Olympic fever! Yes, Vancouver is hosting the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and I must say that the vibe in the city is amazing! I have never seen so many cheerful people in Vancouver and I love the fact that there are so many signs of culture all over the place.

So here are a few pictures from my personal Olympic Games album :

The Olympic Cauldron is lightening up the bay and the mountains... unfortunately, we can only see it behind fences...

The boys and I in front of the fence in front of the Cauldron...

A giant Canadian flag on Georgia street... Go Canada!

My son trying to build a inukshuk at the Northern House...

This is my all-time favorite : the Vancouver Art Gallery is hosting the BC Pavilion and has been beautifully "dressed" by Michael Lin...

A lot of fun on Robson Square with an outdoors ice rink and a ziptrek! Of course, my son wanted to try to zip above the street but the line-up was huuuuuge... Anyway, I'm not sure I would have let him go!

The weather has been wonderful so far and we went to Granville Island the other day where we enjoyed the smell of melted cheese and the nice "view" of the Alps in front of the House of Switzerland.

One more week to go... Yippee!!!

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