Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pre-birthday blues...

I'm not feeling too good today... First, it's my birthday in a few days and I always feel a bit down around that time of the year (but I magically feel fine just after!), second I have a cold that is really taking all my energy away and third, I had a killer toothache 3 days ago that concluded in a root canal this afternoon : (

Not good, not good...

So, I'm searching comfort looking at Alexis Bittar's website and dreaming in front of his beautiful lucite jewelry collection... Yes, I am a big fan of Alexis's art and I am deeply in love with his "Secret Garden" bracelets (and, by the way, each of them costs the same as my root canal!... *sigh*). Look at the glow, look at the details, look at the beauty!

If you want to see more of Alexis Bittar's Spring 2010 collection, check his website :

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