Monday, October 4, 2010

Bleu et Noir

I think my obsession for combining blue and black together started in Paris, this summer, when I went to one of my favorite shops, Crea Concept : I love their designs, often asymmetrical and a bit quirky but always beautiful and elegant. I indulged in a couple of irresistible pieces (I could have bought the whole shop, of course...) and retrospectively, I realized that what I chose was... black and blue!

Here's a little snapshot of my lovely Crea scarf, in blue wool and black tulle (did you notice the blue polka dots?.... soooo pretty!). This scarf is so soft and beautiful that I wear it over my black sweaters, like a piece of jewelry...

And talking about jewelry, here's a captivating piece that I named "Nuit de Chine" because the dark blue stone makes me think of Chinese blue:

This necklace features two dreamy blue azurite beads paired with cloisonné beads, and plum jasper stones spaced with Swarovski crystals in indicolite blue.

I also made the matching bracelet but I might have to keep it for myself since it goes so well with my new Crea outfit ; )

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