Monday, October 25, 2010

J'aime les feuilles d'automne!

The other day, I walked out of my house and I saw this :

The early evening sun made the autumn foliage look so bright, so golden, it was purely delightful!

The next day, I went on a special hunt : I had to find some leaves, some autumn leaves, to use to give a "fall mood" to my Etsy pictures...
You would think that this is easy enough, that anybody can do that but hey, I live in a city and in a city, you look kind of weird when you stare at the trees, when you observe branches and the shape of leaves, and really you feel like you are stealing something when you pick a few leaves and a branch or two!... that's why I took my little boy with me, just to pretend I was doing it for him in case I would get "caught" stealing some dead leaves on the street... shameless mom I tell you!

Here's a deluxe pair of earrings featuring beautiful Swarovski crystal branches and small baroque pendants that play the part of the leaves in this "autumn garden" composition... Believe me, these ones are striking in real life! And they glow almost as much as the early evening sun on the autumn foliage : )

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  1. Świetne korale, przypominają kopytka wykorzystywane do gry.