Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer mood...

Last Sunday, I hosted my annual "Mother's Day Tea and Jewelry Party" at my house.

This year again, it was very pleasant to receive some friends and some Olala fans, being able to chat with everyone while drinking tea and trying on jewelry : )
Unfortunately, I was so busy being a good host that I totally forgot to take pictures...

I was also happy to see that some of my Summer 2010 creations were well received and I got some enthusiastic "ooohs" and "aaahs" with these pieces :

"Chant du désert", a necklace featuring a beautiful 45mm turquoise donut pendant that has the shape of a flower, honey bayong oval beads spaced with topaz Swarovski crystals, and two turquoise oval beads embellished with copper filigree caps.

I made a "Chant du désert" matching bracelet and also some earrings with honey bayong oval beads, turquoise and topaz Swarovski crystals...

I am personally very fond of these pieces because I love the warm tones of the wood and the bright color of the stones... It's so summery!

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